08 Januari 2012

Happy New 2012

My Lovely Arina

Greetings to all in the New Year. Not too late if I wish everyone a Happy New Year to all bloggers. New Year's resolutions was new. Azam remains the same this year just to fix what is lacking and what should seem fairly decorated again. This year we have made initial plans to visit nearby countries with enough budget. This budget due to salary increases this year and I can save formy wanderings with their families.

During the year I will continue to enhance the work, thoroughly and properly. In addition I would make changes in myself and my family to be more appreciative of the time rather than waste time with bad interest.

This year the eldest son has stepped into that. Many more changes to his I think it is responsible for children and students. Be given the responsibility and work load that is more organized from time to time.

This year is my second child will be their UPSR in September. Hope and hope he can emulate the success of his sister.

For myself ready and situations and challenges in the future I hope what I can do appreciate satisfaction of themselves without help or assistance than about anyone but her husband loved. I will be evidence at all that I can do.

Ok Happy New Year to all.

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