26 Julai 2010


My Lovely Arina

The history of Arabic music combines a dilemma of thoughts and different opinions. However, the Arabic Music as it is identified nowadays is the creation of an evolutionary art. It is said to date back to the Greek civilization. Music of the Middle East is very much influenced by the Greek and Indian music. In fact, it is the combination of Greek culture, the Phoenician culture, the Roman and the Persian, and more related to the Islamic kingdom. The Arabic songs are of a diverse musical inheritance that has all come out to form the Arab Music.
Arab music spreads on many Arab countries to produce an archive of the top Arabic songs including best Arabic music from: Moroccan music, Lebanese music, Egyptian musicSyrian musicAlgerian musicBahraini music, Emirati music, Iraqi music,Jordanian musicKuwaiti music, Libyan music, Omani music, Palestinian musicQatari musicSaudi Arabian musicSudan music, Tunisian musicYemeni music, and West Arab music. There are countries in which the Arabic language is the mother tongue where Arabic music is very popular, and there are the North African countries which are known with their Arabic music but with the African language.  
The Arabic music comprises a range of musical styles and genres. Each Arab country of the Arab World has within its musical history and collection various Arabic music genres like Arabic classic music, Arabic pop music, Arabic jazz music, Arabic rock music, Arabic R&B music, Arabic Hip Hop music, Arabic trance music and Arabic Rap music. Even the word "Music" is differently spelled from one Arab country to another. As “music” is the English word, the Arabs spell it as "Mousika" and the Egyptians use the word “MAZIKA" referring to music.
The roots of the Arabic music goes back to old Arabic poetry and the "Mouwashahat" of the "Jahiliya period'. Arab people used to recite poems with rhythms and later on they introduce the musical instruments to form their melodies like Oud, Rababa, Tabel, and Kamanja. Arab women, more than Arab men, used to have beautiful voices and they were the only ones who sang at that time. In the past, almost all famous Arabic singers started their musical career either from their childhood while participating in school musical festivals singing Arabic kids songs or through singing Arabic wedding songs during the wedding ceremonies. In such occasions, Arabic music belly dance songs are the most preferred Arabic songs where people feel happy when they listen to top Arabic songs that chill then out and leave within their souls the Arab music sensation. 
The modern Arabic music has evolved and left the old Arabic songs approach behind. Today, Arabic music video clips are a necessity for the success of new Arabic songs and Arab singers. One single Arabic music video can help an Arabic song reach the Arabic top 10 songs in the media charts of Radio and TV programs. 
Musical trends help in the process of spreading the Arab songs throughout the whole world. The Egyptian music was considered to be the trendiest. Modernization in Arab pop music later influenced the Moroccan music and Saudi music. However, lately Lebanon has turned out to be the capital of music production. 

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